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    About Us

Hudson Valley Region IT Specialists

ACT technicians have over 35 years of combined experience in managing and installing networks, servicing hardware and software for mission critical environments, in addition to website design and maintenance.  We specialize in providing mobile office solutions to keep you connected when you are on the go, as well as the planning and development of protocol for data preservation and disaster recovery. 


Whether onsite or remotely, our support staff is there for you when you need us. John Olmoz, the founder and CEO of ACT, has spent 20 years in the IT industry providing services to law enforcement, government agencies and businesses.  As the project manager, he has designed and implemented the technology infrastructure required by emergency services.  He manages software environments and databases for mobile dispatching and record keeping maintaining redundancy and 100% uptime.  With any mission critical environment, disaster planning and re-deployment of services at alternate locations is of the highest priority.  His attention to detail allows his team to provide the services you need which permits you to focus on making your business more successful.

Why We’re the Best

Top-notch Parts

Should your desktop or a laptop computer ever need to have either of its parts of the hardware to be replaced, be sure that our stock of high-quality replacement parts will make that possible!

Skilled Technicians


A team of our computer technicians, with a combined experience spanning over a few decades, will be able to help you with absolutely any kind of a tech issue that you might ever bump into! Their total vast experience is simply amazing!



Servicing thousands of customers per year, the focus to providing a top-notch, personalized and fast service is always on our mind! This means that despite having many clients. our technicians dedicate the time required for each of them!

Affordable Pricing

As opposed to a majority of other tech support and technical repair providers, we never try to take advantage of you and make you pay astronomical fees! Our pricing policy is always fair and balanced!

Our Team

John Olmoz


Before founding ACT, John excelled at leading IT departments and IT recruiting. In these roles, his quest to please each customer is what drives him.

Tracey Olmoz


Tracey is a networking professional that takes pride in treating all of our clients as family. She has a 20 year background in Sales and Management. Tracey was Operations Manager for several large retail firms and 2 Real Estate Brokerages. 

Nick Olmoz


Chief Technology Officer and IoT Specialist, Nick handles everything from systems design and deployments to security troubleshooting and data recovery. A sound design specialist by trade, Nick has an attention to detail that is unmatched. Nick provides every client with a personal touch that leaves them feeling genuinely cared for.

Franklin Pierce


Armed with a Masters of Internet Technology Degree and 20+ years of computer service experience, Franklin is Mr. Reliable. More importantly, his genuine care and concern for each customer is felt!

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