Don’t wait until you’re ready to open your doors to find out your location can’t support your IT infrastructure.

Relocating or starting up a business is fraught with hassles, but getting your IT systems up and running doesn’t have to be one of them.

We take all of the burden off your shoulders by managing the long list of vendors, making sure your floor plan supports your IT requirements, and handling hardware procurement. In addition, we also provide implementation and user support services.

Our services include:

  • Project Management – Our team will manage all of the elements of the build out such as: tracking dependencies, highlighting priorities and allocating necessary resources according to your budget.
  • Computer Room Design – In order for your IT system – and your business – to function properly, your equipment needs the proper electrical power, environmentals, and space. We assess your IT needs and design rooms around them rather than trying to stuff computers into a closet.
  • Phones – We’ll not only recommend traditional solutions like VOIP or PBX, but will also procure, install and maintain the system once in place.
  • Hardware/Software Procurement – Buying the right pieces at the right places can save your business thousands of dollars in capital and support costs. We work with multiple vendors and are able to put together the right technologies at a price you can live with.
  • Desktop Design – Our experts deploy desktops that are secure, stable and easily managed.
  • Network Design – Successful communication is key in today’s technology driven work environment. We make sure your network is secure and operating smoothly.
  • Networking: wired and wireless
  • Servers
  • Desktop PC’s and Mac’s
  • Mobile devices Laptops, PDA, tablets
  • Remote office environments, in vehicle installations of radios, modems, GPS, printers and scanners.
  • Video surveillance

Contact an ACT expert today and be sure your office is built correctly from the start.